Besides our home superannuation is our next biggest asset. It’s one of those out of sight, out of mind things, but the truth is that superannuation is the nest egg from which we live in retirement. A comfortable retirement starts with choosing the right superannuation provider or perhaps you would like to do it yourself. Then you an investment strategy that meets your long-term needs. From there, you can have a significant impact on your future lifestyle by contributing more than the standard superannuation guarantee.

We can explain all of the terms and provide you with an understanding on the various legislation changes, tax benefits and ensure that you maximize your retirement income.

Many of us will happily leave worrying about our nest egg to the last minute, close to retirement. We assume that the default fund and super guarantee contributions are adequate. You need to focus on your super now not when you receive a statement and put in the draw.

Making those key decisions about your super today will allow you to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Talk to us to start retirement planning and take control of your superannuation so that you can retire in style.

Self Managed Super Fund

This has grown in popularity as you can now access many investment assets that were previously out of reach such as borrowing to purchase property. Managing your own super is not for everyone. For those who are interested, an SMSF does have some excellent benefits, delivering access, visibility, greater flexibility and control.

No matter where you are in your life we can assist in providing you with personal advice to ensure that you reach your retirement goals and outcomes with investments that you are comfortable with and understand.

SMSFs can be complex, so we’ve created a solution that makes it easy for our trustees. We take the burden of administration, compliance and auditing out of having an SMSF.